I first met Julie Anne Lee over 10 years ago when I needed assistance with my elderly border collie as she
became very debilitated. My dog could not tolerate the conventional medicine that I had chosen to palliate her chronic pain, liver and heart disease. Julie was very supportive, knowledgeable and compassionate. Julie always supported my choices with conventional medicine and recommended homeopathic remedies that complimented concurrent medications.

Julie offers her extensive knowledge and experience of homeopathic medicine to complement conventional medicine in a way that provides a comprehensive and holistic approach.    
– Cristi Fedryna, DVM  

I am truly amazed at how well the anacardium has worked. Toby has not had a seizure, even a minor one for several days. He is eating well, has renewed energy and is playful as a kitten. No more aggressive ankle attacks. You have a special gift as a healer and your absolute dedication to your art is so wonderful. Thank you again for the spot-on diagnosis and remedy prescription – you are one-of-a-kind.”
– Dan

My cat Lily, age 9, got hepatic lipadosis and had a feeding tube in her neck for five weeks and wasn’t getting better. The vet who was treating her at the time recommended putting her down. Julie was recommended to me and after taking her case history and reviewing her records, Julie prescribed a remedy. Within 24 hours of taking the remedy, Lily pulled the tube out of her neck and was eating on her own. I got her blood checked and everything was back to normal.
– Ms Hogan

Mr. Weatherbee had IBD and had suffered his whole life. Every vet told me he needed to be on steroids for the rest of his life. After Julie treated him, he lived 9 more years steroid and anti-biotic free, happy and healthy.
– Fiona