Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom

julie-main-photo-sepiaGrowing up offering helping hands in her mother’s animal rescue shelter planted seeds early on of what would grow rapidly and passionately into Julie Anne Lee’s life’s purpose. A deep caring and protection for animals and their health while educating the public and Veterinarians at large to empower them to make the best choices for ethical treatment and naturally holistic approach to their health.

With her mentor, veterinary surgeon Dr. Susan Armstrong, a faculty member of the British Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group, Lee has studied with some of the most renowned international homeopaths including Dr. George Vithoulkas in Greece, Dr. Rajan Sankaran in India, and Dr. Mark Elliott DVM and John Saxon DVM, Peter Gregory DVM in England.


  • Graduated as a veterinary technician and was part of a team with a mixed practice veterinary hospital in the surgical department, postmortem and lab
  • Completed the Equine Science Program, Humber College special interest in fertility ultra sounds
  • Graduated from a four year Human Homeopathic Medicine Program earning her DCH in 97 and qualified for her RcsHom in 2002
  • Completed three year Sit Practice with Dr Sue Armstrong DVM, British Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons Program, Leeds UK


  • Lee is an Associate Member of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons in which she was a guest lecturer at their 2002 conference.
  • Taught Introduction to Holistic Veterinary Medicine to 4th year foreign Veterinary students at Sprott College, BC
  • Developed and taught a three year post graduate program for Veterinarians DVM’s and Homeopaths DCH’s at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine
  • Lectured for American Homeopathic Veterinary Conferences on Homeopathy and Functional Pathology in Sante Fe 2009 and Portland 2012
  • Lectured for Dr. Don Hamilton DVM on Advanced Training in Veterinary Homeopathy in Taos, New Mexico 2007
  • Lectured for the Canadian Society of Homeopaths on clinical comparisons of the treatment of human to animals
  • Lectured for the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers CAPPDT on Canine Vaccine Research

Lee regularly lectures at Veterinarian Conferences, Conducts Homeopathic Small Animal, Livestock and Equine Workshops, along with private and public seminars throughout North America.


  • Owner and practitioner of Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic, the first licensed strictly holistic Veterinary clinic in Canada
  • Owner and practitioner, Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital
  • Owner and practitioner, Healing Place Veterinary Clinic
  • Director of Holistic Wing, Animal Care Clinic with 10 veterinarians and a support staff of 25


  • Developed the recipe for Amore Raw dog and cat food the first commercially prepared retail raw food in 1997
  • Product and development consultant for Red Dog Deli Raw Food 2008 to 2013
  • About to launch Veterinary Homeopathic Line exclusive to Veterinarians and a public line for pet stores


  • Press features include Enroute Magazine, Equine Wellness Magazine and Vancouver Sun
  • Awarded Best Veterinary Hospital by Georgia Straight for 2 consecutive years
  • Interviewed on CBC in 2000
  • Was a weekly columnist in Vancouver Sun for Holistic Veterinary Care 2008
  • Awarded Educator Challenge Cup from the British Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons in 2011
  • Guest contributing writer for Animal Wellness Magazine, Shared Vision Magazine, Pet Connection Magazine, Dogs Naturally Magazine
  • Was published in the American Veterinary Homeopathic Journal 2013
  • Featured on TV show North of 49


  • Practitioner for and is on the board of VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) with a total rescue of more than 1,800 kittens per year
  • Provides treatment for Downtown Eastside Dogs and Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary
  • Lee provides educational services through public lectures and Veterinary mentorship programs, Veterinary courses and consulting services that advocate the homeopathic treatment of animals. She works tirelessly to be a voice for those who cannot speak and to make HOLISTIC animal care accessible to every type of animal lover, no matter what socio-economic group they belong. In her life and in her practice, Lee emulates the mantra of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, who said simply, “above all do no harm.” This lesson is the underpinning of her belief around healing and health for animals and all living things.


“I have been a colleague of Julie Anne Lee’s for 15 years and have been fortunate to be a part of the process of her trail blazing holistic veterinary medicine throughout Canada. This includes her courses, lectures, research and in practice.

Her ability to teach comes from years of clinical experience where she has treated
a monumental amount animals. All the veterinary clinics and hospitals she has opened, owned or been involved with have flourished and she is well respected within the veterinary community for her talents and knowledge and loved by her long time clients and patients. I would highly recommend her as a consultant, teacher or practitioner.”

Jacqueline Sehn, DVM, CVH, VetMFHom

Dr. Sehn is a member of the following associations:

  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  • Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA)
  • American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)
  • Washington State Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (WSHVMA) (co-founder)
  • Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH) – Past President, Certified (CVH)
  • American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) – Certified (CVC)
  • International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy (IAVH) American representative (2001-2007)

“ After taking courses in Veterinary holistic medicine I began to attend lectures given by Julie Anne Lee DCH throughout North America. Because of her unique way of teaching and vast experience I chose to attend her course in Vancouver 2007. Her ability to teach alternative veterinary medicine in a tangible way has proven to benefit my practise and prescribing greatly. Julie is passionate about what she does and has dedicated her life to this work. I would have no hesitation to recommend her in all roles from teaching, consulting or as a on going supervisor for difficult cases.”

Cynthia Harcourt DVM, Ontario.

“ As a practice manager and Veterinary technician finding someone that could bridge an alternative and complementary veterinary approach with conventional medicine while maintaining the integrity of a well establish practice was no easy task. Julie Anne Lee was not only brilliant at that task but her ability to teach complete novice practitioners and staff came from a place of patience and fun loving energy. Her way of looking at pathology rekindled the excitement in all of us to look at medicine in a fresh new way and our clients are thrilled with our new approach.”

Andrea Ring, Vancouver, BC.

“ When I first met Julie Anne it was at her first Veterinary clinic in 1999 . I owned a doggy day care and dog walking company. My 8 year old Great Pyrenees Sam had just been diagnosed with DM. He was fitted for a cart the day before we saw her, within 4 months Sammy was walking better than he did when he was four years old and continued to do so for 3 more years. My partner and I have followed Julie Anne to all of her hospitals and continued to see her as our primary Veterinary clinic until she left in 2013. She has been a godsend to us and the hundreds of clients I have sent to her through out the years. She will be greatly missed”

Andrea Simpson Vancouver BC