Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom

IMG_1673Growing up offering helping hands in her mother’s animal rescue shelter planted seeds early on of what would grow rapidly and passionately into Julie Anne Lee’s life’s purpose. A deep caring and protection for animals and their health while educating the public and Veterinarians at large to empower them to make the best choices for ethical treatment and naturally holistic approach to their health.

With her mentor, veterinary surgeon Dr. Susan Armstrong, a faculty member of the British Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group, Lee has studied with some of the most renowned international homeopaths including Dr. George Vithoulkas in Greece, Dr. Rajan Sankaran in India, and Dr. Mark Elliott DVM and John Saxon DVM, Peter Gregory DVM in England.
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Adored Beast Product Pre-Order


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Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines

Doctor Jack Wolfson, a cardiologist in Arizona, has published a response to critics of his views against vaccination. To read his full response to critics, click here. To read the original views which prompted this response, click here

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Dairy Cows and Homeopathy

A new article has been published by Farmers Guardian about the potential health benefits of homeopathy. You can find the full article at the link below. Click here for full article

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Coming Soon: Adored Beast Store

The Adored Beast Online Store will be opening it’s doors to empower and provide you with a new product line that will support your animals health care needs. These products come from over 20 years of clinical experience and soon will be available to the public. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be […]

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Upcoming Lecture Series

Would you like to be able to understand and discuss your dogs blood work, pathology, and integrative treatment options with your veterinarian? This course will prepare you to truly be your dogs advocate by giving you the tools to make the decisions on on all of their health care needs. We will be launching a […]

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Are You Over Vaccinating Your Pets? Part 2

By Julie Anne Lee DCH RscHom & David Ruish DVM As published in Pet Connection Paper For many years we have had clients feel guilty that they have been over vaccinating their animals, we would like to stress that this article is not about guilt but it is about education. Everyone tries to do their […]

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Are You Over Vaccinationg Your Pets?

By Julie Anne Lee DCH RscHom & David Ruish DVM As published in Pet Connection Paper “The patient receives no benefit and may be placed at serious risk when an unnecessary vaccine is given….” (Schultz, Ronald D., “The Vaccine Controversy: What vaccines do cats and dogs really need and how often do they need to […]

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The Homeopathic Option

Julie Anne Lee DCH RcsHom & Dr.David Ruish DVM What exactly is Homeopathy and why is it becoming so popular with our furry family members? In it’s simplest definition, homeopathy is based on the premise that ‘like cures like’. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed this system of treating disease by administering minute quantities of substances that […]

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The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

By Julie Anne Lee DCH RscHom & David Ruish DVM Every time somebody comes into our clinic with a seven or eight year old dog on geriatric food it makes me want to cry, because it reconfirms that the general public is being told that their dog is geriatric at this age. It’s ridiculous that […]

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Do Your Research & Educate Yourself


“Flu deaths reality check” from CBC.ca

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